Frequently Asked Questions

I have had an accident, what do I do now?

Call in and see us, we will do our assessment on your vehicle and advise you to either ring your insurance company, or whether you have private repairs undertaken.  We do not do verbal quotes or estimates over the phone.

How long will the assessment take?

Approximately 5-10 minutes at our workshop.  We take some photos and your details and send them off to your insurance company.  Most will have the assessments back to us within 24 hours.  Then we can book you in for repairs and order any parts required.

Will the price change once I’ve had an estimate?

From time to time, we find extra damage on your vehicle once it’s been stripped down for repairs.  If we are completing private repairs for you, we will contact you to discuss the options before we proceed.  If we are completing insurance repairs on your car we will contact your insurance company to discuss the extra repairs required to put your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

Do I have to pay for the repairs and then get the money from my insurance company?

No – you only need to pay the excess amount direct to us when you collect your vehicle. Your insurance company then pays us the balance.

How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?

This varies depending on the extent of damage.  We will discuss this with you when we give you your quote.

Do you have Loan Cars and is there a cost ?

We have 26 loan vehicles available to our customers. To help us cover some of the rising costs of running replacement vehicles, we charge a one-off maintenance fee of $30.00 incl. GST for the whole time you have the car (this is not a daily charge - whether it’s 3 days or 5 weeks). If you have a Rental Option on your policy then the charge will be forwarded onto your insurance company.

How will I know when the repairs on my vehicle are complete?

We will notify you by telephone when your vehicle is ready to be collected, but feel free to call us during the repair process if you require an update or have any questions.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes. We absolutely offer a warranty on all of our work completed.  See our warranty information and if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.